hey, ready to pray?

remember this photo? he is BFSH. 
his record label 89268 is now hosting a photo exhibition @ Central. 
i am glad to be invited to be one of the models. 
they asked me to do whatever i want to the 'STAR'. 
when i first looked at the shinning star, something popped in my mind: how about praying to it? 
with a little help fr mr. photographer, my styling muse Jimmy Brave... 
and my hair stylist Marvin Lin... 
(oops, she used needle and thread to hold the hair piece on my hair... 
quite a weird feeling i had) 
and... here u go! 
come take a look @ Central Fridge club Economist Gallerynow! 
地 點 ︰ 中 環 藝 穗 會 The Economist Gallery 
日 期 ︰ 7 月 4 日 至 16 日 
時 間 ︰ 12:00 nn - 10:00 pm ( 星 期 日 及 公 眾 假 期 休 息 ) 
查 詢 ︰ 2331 3220


Tong Yuen Yu said...


Billie said...

so stylish~~~
u r cool, chi ~~~

Bigben said...

Oh~~ you r so cool and sexy!!

CORN said...


得閒過中環睇下先 :)

Tong Yuen Yu said...

芝,不如set anonymous 都可以post comment 啦~~~咁冇gmail嗰d都可以用嘛!

freD said...

G,can't wait to read your new book and 讀書會!
btw,where is new column?

markLaw said...

support 89268, thanks for sharing!

卓韻芝 said...

>>>capricorn said...
芝,不如set anonymous 都可以post comment 啦~~~咁冇gmail嗰d都可以用嘛!

>>>g:多謝你的意見,已改了 setting。各位如有其他意見緊記留言告知。感動中~~~