honey, happy 1112


ariel said...

wow! so sweet! *v*
happy birthday to your loved one!

ariel said...

oh, it may not be bday rite... it can be anniversary...
hahaa!! anyways, blessing to both of u!

Yuen said...

看來你心裡只有MJ了...沒有了HK =[

Tong Yuen Yu said...


check ur email box la~~~

Missjyyko said...

That is really really sweet!

Unknown said...

g, my bf & I started dating around the same time as you guys, and our anniversary is 11/29 :)

Unknown said...

sweet sweet!!! ^^

Hei Chan said...


Jenny said...

Awww... sooo sweet! Wish you and MJ have lots of Happy Times all the way from Canada.

Anonymous said...

woowo!!! haha, how sweet!:p

charlie ;D said...

SoSweet ;D
i mean你睇下d fans幾好! xd

卓韻芝 said...

to: charlie ;D
g: yes, my fans are the best!

瞓教徒 said...

So sweet~~ ^0^

shera said...

so sweeeeeeeet

Frank said...

好sweet呀!重要愛到出面添~~~ 差在未登報紙啫~ XDDD

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