a letter from hk

a letter from hong kong
dear c,

memory is treacherous and repulsive like... london. dodgy.

miss you deeply.

this week has been a marvelous one, the sort of week one only experiences when one is home. i feel happy and energetic surrounded by the love and sharing of my friends and my beloved granny.

but then my heart is flooded with all those memories of you.

long talk. night walk. coffee. you paused. i seemed to listen. you smiled. 'oh g!'

miss our conversation badly. something with weight, almost cynical, yet so rational.

and here you go, i have been back to my castle...

hong kong summer is hot, humid and speedy. people here are tough guys who have no dostoevsky's curse worrying their minds. this is 'the' place. when i stood in front of this view, i was thinking 'i gotta take a picture for you.'

ha guess you see your phobias in it: skyscrapers, air-conditioners, closed areas.

i see hardcore fighters.

c, you really have to come someday.

lets have a wegbier.




Kenny Chan said...

Dear G,

It's me, Ken Hirai... first time to leave you message here.

Nice to use a 3rd party to see HK.
Love your words.


Emily said...

想click "like"

a letter from london said...


new cross

JennieC. said...

aweee this is so sweet G :)
like how you described the conversation between you and her. lovely :)

JennieC. said...

I just simply love this letter, dunno why.