American Apparel x Terry Richardson x Bu

Ar Bu always says that he wants to be Terry Richardson. So I bought this little gift to him from Japan weeks ago. And then, someone noticed me he wrote about it in his blog. I FEEL SO DISAPPOINTED! Keep on reading and you will know why...

Here is his post:

Terry Richardson
BU 2 八月, 2008


阿芝講得出做得到 + 佢一定唔會殺我 = 我一定唔會浪費
Dear bu, the pictures you took in this post are so ____! Please seriously consider giving up your 'dream' to be Terry Richardson, otherwise please practice more, I mean REALLY more.

p.s. I forgot to pass you this little catalog of American Apparel. I guess you want this far much more than that camera boxset.

Yes, my scanning technique is as good as ar Bu's shooting technique.


someeat said...

it looks pretty good!!

pbz said...

wish bu good luck with his terry richardson dream ha-

REX仔 said...


Henry said...


cheesy said...

obviously bu is still chasing his dream with his little banana. : P

萱島大樹.` said...

it looks good.
add oil ah little bu.

archilbald said...

would ar bu consider to be terry richardson as a model instead of a photographer to take a full frontal shot:D

archilbald said...

would ar bu consider to be terry richardson as a model instead of a photographer to take a full frontal shot:D

archilbald said...

would ar bu consider to be terry richardson as a model instead of a photographer to take a full frontal shot:D

thomascook said...


K~ said...

totally agree that Bu must like American Apparel more than the boxset

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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