capture them! using your eyes & your pen

2nd April 09
blind drawing practice
(blind drawing 就是由落筆開始,完全不准看著畫紙,直至收筆為止)
sitted inside a cafe
catched everyone i could
they might change their pose in 30 seconds
or even 10
capture them! using your eyes & your pen.

blind drawing

blind drawing

blind drawing

blind drawing

blind drawing


Bi said...

比我中一時畫的blind drawing美得多

Anonymous said...

the drawing is too beautiful and neat,
dont look like true blind-drawing

C said...

quite nice ;)

Anonymous said...

They r cute! like them!

KitBecks said...


Unknown said...

The first drawing looks professional!

Joshua said...

yee? 你真係唔開眼畫得好好多 woh!!!

mi said...

g,i can see talent, did u ever learn drawing?

Anonymous said...

這比速寫更難 >-< , 你讀d art course 要有畫畫基本功 ?

cheesygoody said...

i like the drawing at the bottom of the second picture.

Kay said...

像藝術家一樣思考,by Betty Edwards

姆馬拉明桑 said...

This is soo Qoo...
amazing with what you can do when you see from your heart.

passerby said...

''sat'' and ''caught'' instead of ''sitted'' and ''catached''

張張張 said...

i did this when i was in college too! we sat at the new york city hall park, and just keep drawing people who walk by, it was fun!

ChupG said...

look at that! you can draw the hair so well!

Anonymous said...

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