5 best buy (or best try)

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world wont stop with soup or without. new stuffs appear every second:

no.1 of the day
Philips cinema 21:9 !
yes, 21:9.

and they launched this interactive campaign, a short film directed by Adam Berg. 'Carousel' , short film created entirely by Stink Digital.

dont watch it in youtube, watch it in their site in fullscreen
and of course, better with a Mac LED-backlit display. ha.
dear producer, as a director, can I use this as assistant monitor on site?

no.2 of the day:
Keira Knightley's warm support to Women's Aid
Perfect story, shooting, acting and tag line.
Agency: Grey

no. 3 of the day:
web design is a hard job

"The web is more like looking through a window outside of the Louvre
that partially obscures your view."
the problem is "we’ve been looking at web design through the lens of print design, and while some of the traditional design practices can make the jump to the screen, some cannot. "

Jason Santa Maria, lecturer of MFA interaction design of SVA,
is now trying to sort this out.
me like his site.

no.4 of the day:
Isabella Blow

cant say i 'miss' her but... the world needs such people.
o yes, i miss her now.

no.5 of the day:
soft clay
played with soft clay a bit. seems fun.
ha, i made a sink plug out of it:P
no, it didnt work in water (i tested it).
it melted.
like my heart to my boy.


hermen said...

Women's Aid video was directed by Joe Wright! No wonder it is cool! (phew domestic violence is horrible maybe i should not describe the video cool..)

i have already posted the link to my facebook profile! thanks for the sharing!

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to tell us where you are and what school you got into arh?

Tram Tram said...

seems back to the days of 五天精華遊

J said...

it melts.
like my heart to my boy.

cheesygoody said...

i like & dislike isabella blow