me at i-d magazine

i-D magazine 300th issue

i-D magazine 300th issue

i-D magazine 300th issue


Anonymous said...

Great. 1st one to leave comments.

I love Catcher in the Rye too.

Jester H said...

haha are cool n funny..

Missjyyko said...


Coling said...

wow, nice!
loving it!~

shirley said...

only cool ppl would appear in i-D:)

bernardo said...

"...they will be drunk when you arrive at the bar"


once my friends, drunkish of course, were actually getting up to leave when i arrived!

...or had i spent too much time getting dressed? :-)

by the way, nice dress. ;-)

b. NTL 2009

Anonymous said...


Irene said...

ah g, 你係咪就黎去讀書啦? 會唔會出多本書先走呀? 好想係書展見到你... 雖然你離開903都差唔多一年,但仍很掛念你=]

Anonymous said...

on your way to hit the international ground!


Anonymous said...

13E is pretty ~~~~~