reading festival 09

reading festival 09:
radiohead + yeah yeah Y=yeahs + the view + crystal castles + passion pit...

i'm with the band
Reading Festival 09

yeah yeah yeahs. thank god they didnt play so much dance.
yeah their new electronic album is not my cup of tea.
Reading Festival 09

drummer of the view is terrific!
Reading Festival 09

everything went dusty.
Reading Festival 09

skipped vitalic for passion pit.
Reading Festival 09

and i gave up vampire weekend for crystal castles.
before i went inside the crowd for crystal castles...
Reading Festival 09

after crystal castles.
Reading Festival 09

line up of this year.
Reading Festival 09

waiting for radiohead...
Reading Festival 09

radiohead began their set with creep.
karma police. street spirit. paranoid android. exit music.
Reading Festival 09

now envy me!


manho said...

radiohead竟然唱Creep :(

oyster said...


Fi said...

geeez were Crystal Castles good?
bet they were. Boy I'm so jealous!

cheesygoody said...

頭髮打曬 kick就唔關人事0既唔好咩都入哂人數,crystal castles玩成點?

ER said...


DD said...

Passion Pit arrrrrrrr
10月都會去L.A睇 G 覺得passion pit 點ar?

symphonic_dreamer said...


Creep LIVE!

卓韻芝 said...

to: all music fans
g: of course Rdiohead was great.

its actually quite risky inviting Radiohead to be Sunday ending act(which was the finale act of the whole festival), cause the crowd was relatively young and was expecting something 'energetic'. gosh, the crowd even played mosh pit during Bloc Party. how mosh could the music of Bloc Party be?

Crystal Castles, they were crazy. they didnt say a word on stage at all! Alice Glass almost throw herself into the crowd. o we all love morbid girl, dont we? :P

Passion Pit was my great discovery of the day. this was my first time watching their live. they REALLY knew how to play with the audience. and they seemed 'moved' by us, the lead man (Michael Angelakos; o how i love this sexy nerd-alike-crazyhair-passionate-boy) jumped down from the stage at the end of the set!

Anonymous said...

yea A LOT, i couldn't get the ticket... it completely sold out!!! my second time missed the chance to see THOM/Radiohead :(

阿中 said...

哎吔我幾鍾意隻 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 喎。又電又有悲情又照樣有 rock。

Radiohead 你好野,竟然開場彈 Creep。夠 showmanship 啦。

未聽過 Crystal Castles/Passion Pit,試下先...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ before and after pics. Looks super fun!
There are heaps of music festivals in Australia here. Must check it out sometime!!

Natasha said...

oh g nice outfits.

im so envious.

Anonymous said...

i want radiohead so bad.. G,, im so envy you.. =[

Anonymous said...

hey what's up for ur presence in MR. "if i am..."....u and milk dick were added on cd by sticker...


廖芝* said...

Vampire Weekend for Crystal Castles.!!! 超正呀...>3<

shirley said...

u got Crystal Castles:'(

what i can do is just playing "Crimewave" in my mp3..........

RUISU said...

//CC// at Reading Festivals 2009////

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enjoy it! ;-)