what's in g's ears: vania and the master

forget by vania and the master

animation by michael fragstein

german group vania and the master met a long time ago in the summer, when there was not much to do. He teached her how to sing and together they made some songs.

(by the way, i extremely love my school!)


Anonymous said...

hi g thanks for g'choice while u re out in london, meself dont wast any time to absorb rocknroll meslef just come across a band called'girls' just fxxxing terric long live rocknroll

quincy said...

it's your ear wax in your ears. not rocket science.

you're the 污點 of my life.

vania said...

juz realized this postXP
i thought it was vania and da misterXD
btw i luv this VANIA :)