gallery space as medium

came across an interesting exhibition today. the works are interesting. the venue is exciting!

its in a basement of a church...

which was designed and used for coffin burials from 1822.

artworks alongside with original tombstones!

In both World Wars, the Crypt of St Pancras Parish Church was used as an air raid shelter. The first burial was that of Ellen Strachey, aged 12, on 6th June 1822. This peaceful place is still the final home of 557 people.

"Concrete" is a group show consisting of works from students at Byam Shaw School of Art.

Euston Road
Tel/Fax: 020 7388 1461


sophia said...

芝,圖2 中間的三角是在半空?我放大研究,到底係三角錐體定係二塊板做出的三角形?

Anonymous said...

wow, interesting ^^
I've never been to London:(

Kh@rlie said...

interesting post, must check it out, do u know when the exhibition finish pls?