the dressing room

anna's aesthetics
the dressing room
she dress up like this every-single-day
the dressing room
she dress up her performers too
the dressing room
she works for westwood and mcqueen
the dressing room
she is good at alcohol
the dressing room
she has her own world.
the dressing room
performed for anna at the
goldsmiths fine art degree show
18 - 21 July 2010


JennieC. said...

awe it looks fun in there! I can't imagine the room is that small until you took the picture from outside. oh. so one of them works for westwood and mcqueen, no wonder ;D

Anonymous said...

lol its like those performers in venice XDDD


Peanutxz said...

PHWOAR! Love the room!! Reminds me of Youri Messen-Jaschin...and somehow, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus too. Woot! <3

Milia said...

wa i like your friend!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


mush said...

omg is that g? look so cool ;)