linus knows how

how to be a renaissance man
Picture 3
how to tweet
Picture 8
how to avoid unwanted chit-chats
Picture 1
how to be wild
Picture 4
how not to be lonely
Picture 5
how to make people think that you are bad-ass so they won't approach you on the street selling you stuff
Picture 6
how to fake reading long emails in your work place
Picture 7
how to effectively win an argument
Picture 2
linus差不多每天也會在自己的flickr上載linus knows how系列,我覺得大家可以留言提議他how to什麼
linus, may i know how to quit playing ipad stupid games?

images via linus & the feel good factory flickr


Yin said...

Genius!Thanks for sharing!

Linus said...

hey G,
thanks for the entry.
I will take a photo about how to control yourself and not do something. ;)

Gytha said...

Thz for sharing, i like it!!!!
BTW,This Flickr group called 'Looking Into The Past'was so funny`=]