what's in g's ears: mushy

這種聲音(氣氛)是我的童年回憶。希望大家不要誤會dark wave音樂,它並非只關於黑暗,而是心靈的平和。不是darkness,而是calmness。
因為我時常躲在房中聽 dark wave,細個阿媽成日驚我入邪教,問我為何「聽埋d嘢好似念經」,我還搞 gag 說邪教要比錢的,落尖咀去 music union 借唱片平好多。無論如何,這是我小時候真心覺得好好聽,而不是因為覺得好有型而聽的音樂。

mushy- faded heart
after 7 years exploring the global underground dark wave and experimental scenes, with collaborations with thierry muller and mater suspiria vision, mushy (aka italy's valentina f.) finally unveils her own double sided peon to the darkness. deeply influenced by cocteau twins, grouper, nico, angels of light and the 80s minimal wave movement 'faded heart' lolls in an undertow of lo-fi atmospherics ranging from dream-pop delight to nighmarish nocturnal terrors. (via rough trade)

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ka u said...

I grew up listening to 4AD so this is my cup of tea, thanks for recommendation.

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

謝謝,我現在才知道這種音樂叫dark wave.


卓韻芝 said...

i love 4ad! i mean... the old 4ad.

Casric said...


Anonymous said...

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