vancouver riot- kissing couple

Vancouver riot-kissing couple
a couple are seen in the middle of the vancouver riot after the canucks lost to the boston bruins in the stanley cup decider.

photograph: rich lam/getty images
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Anonymous said...

It's kind of embarrassing for Vancouver having such an riot after the Canucks lost (A hockey game that we have here which i find that there's more fighting then hockey). Hoping the world would understand that Vancouver aren't normally like this and we believe that those aren't true Canucks fans that are involved in the riot. Certainly, when people think of Vancouver now, only the image of the kissing couple would appear in mind, instead of all the beautiful things that we have here.

In the end, I just want to say, riot doesn't occur very often in Vancouver and it this the first time i had seen one for the past ten years i stayed here.

I still find that vancouver is one of the best place to live in. :)

-a person from Vancouver

Joshua said...

A Vancourite said...

Do you even know what this riot means to Vancouverites? It is a shame, it is a sadness... after all, IT IS A RIOT.

This photo is not to be extracted from the whole news and definitely NOT to be "liked" by more than 200 people - like any random party picture on internet. For those who clicked "like" for this post, do you even know what you are liking?

So sad...

This is what happened, and this is what tears our hearts:

simon said...