Nagi Noda died at age 35

Japanese pop artist and director NAGI NODA (野田 凪), died on September 7, 2008

works of Nagi Noda:

Scissor Sisters music video 'She' My Man'
Yuki music video 'Sentimental Journey'

Noda had been in a traffic accident last year and
had been dealing with complications from her surgery
after the accident.
She passed away in her Mark Ryden dress, Chanel boots,
perfect make-up with Viktor & Rolfe black-lace eye lashes
surrounded by friends and family.


jorzeep said...

唉, 我個日知道左都唔係好開心....而且個一日, 我個frd亦都離開了...:\.....

Anonymous said...

Oh what a pity !!

How's come GOD will jealous someone with talent.... such like JP who is photographer in HK....

I don't know all of them, however their works just inspire me in life..

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

我很喜歡她為原宿La foret做的廣告,很美。

BISCUIT said...

really sad, 但總算在世時做了些大事, 能讓人記住。

G! little typing mistake:
She' My Man <-- She's My Man