what's in g's ears: the xx

ok so now everyone is talking about them.
another dazed&confused-fonda-group from south london.

the xx - the basic

the xx - crystalised

their album 'xx' is out now
xx myspace

btw, amo1 gig at cargo tomorrow night. hope i can make it. quite busy for my course lately.
belated happy bonfire night.


阿中 said...

喂頭先我 click 下 click 下,Pitchfork 將成套 Sigur Ros 記錄片擺咗上網... http://pitchfork.com/tv/#/episode/2049-sigur-ros-heima/1

paradarz said...

thanks for your recommandation =)

shirley said...

i like the voice of that girl

my_place said...

i love it so much...and just recommended to my fdsss

g, thx for sharing!!!