the poetry of quietness

interior (1899)

interior, strandgade 30 (1908)

interior with woman at piano (1901)

interior with a piano and a woman in black (1901)

interior, strandgade 30 (1901)

the four rooms (1914)

interior with young man reading (1898)

sonnige stube (1905)

vilhelm hammershøi was a danish painter. he is known for his poetic, low-key portraits and interiors. he worked mainly in his native city, painting portraits, architecture, and interiors.his wife figures in many of his interiors, often depicted from behind.
hammershøi's paintings are best described as muted in tone. he refrained from employing bright colors, opting always for a limited palette consisting of grays, as well as desaturated yellows, greens, and other dark hues. his tableaux of figures turned away from the viewer project an air of slight tension and mystery. excerpt from wiki


Sophia Ch. said...

love this post, g :)
it makes me think of this,

J said...

I can feel the coldness from danmark in the paintings, danish are always cold and dull, but this is what they called "hyggeligt"(cosy) indeed, strange danish :P

Crystal said...

我只女人仔一個 看到平靜中的浪漫