enjoying london summer

enjoying london summer
wish you were here


Christy said...

hey g, hope that everything is going well with u in London, from ya pic, the sunshine look lovely!
n i think the one u mentioned in ya entry wants to be with u so much as well, no worries he is doing so well but just missing u too much, i will try my best to talk to him everyday to make sure he is still alive while u r not beside him! gd luck!

廖芝* said...


cheesygoody said...


dean said...


Sara Kan said...

nice photo~~~天氣好好咁bor~

另,阿芝~我facebk fd list冇左你呀...原來你用得返舊a/c呀...可以add返我嗎?
我send左個fd request俾你呀

Anthony said...

Gd luck g

Irene said...

g, 比心機啦~
anyway, 請繼續update呢個blog呀~
支持你~!! /\ /\

Unknown said...

Great G !
I was there, but not this summer. Enjoy widening your view. Enjoy London, and Europe~~~!!!

You Life is MOST important, you know that all the time, right?!

Make your time most useful for your LIFE, especially you start enjoying in the other side of the world~~~ wow!!!


chelsea said...

芝, 俾心機讀書啊. wish u have a good trip before ur new school yrs starts:> wish u good luck at school :>

merry said...

take care plz:D

Anonymous said...

hope i will be able to bump into you for the coming week (:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha~ I like this pic more then the one in facebook~ More funny~

Study hard and play hard~


Anonymous said...

Oh i miss london so much... will be back after the summer holiday but by that time the weather won't be so nice anymore! enjoy london summer as much as you can! hope to bump into you sometime. i would guess in topshop...?

Jester said...

Please enjoy your days in London..
hope i can meet you over there

ariel said...

miss u

Anonymous said...

Wow.. so nice to see you and happy enjoy in London.
Yes, I'm planning travelling to UK in Nov, hope to see you in London street.
see ya ....

yinggg said...

take care youeself plssss:>
enjoy your days in london huh!

Anonymous said...


琳琳 said...

英國人好gentlemen, 快d識返個啦~

yt-cdy said...

keep exploring, keep taking risk, keep being inspired!!! get the most out of your everyday in UK!
All the best~

I wish I could go~~~!!