wish you were here

late lunch. walked by River Thames. Southwark, Millennium Bridge, Blackfriars, OXO, return at Waterloo Bridge... started at Tate. Ended at Tate. wish you were here.

3 hours later, i ran into this poem on the underground on my way back home.

After the lunch (Wendy Cope 1945-)

On Waterloo Bridge, where we said our goodbyes,
The weather conditions bring tears to my eyes.
I wipe them away with a black woolly glove
And try not to notice I’ve fallen in love.

On Waterloo Bridge I am trying to think:
This is nothing. You’re high on the charm and the drink.
But the juke-box inside me is playing a song
That says something different. And when was it wrong?

On Waterloo Bridge with the wind in my hair
I am tempted to skip. You’re a fool. I don’t care.
The head does its best but the heart is the boss —
I admit it before I am halfway across.


a said...

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blank. said...

Seems like you have a fun time there~

Jester said...

I see your shadow on the bus...hahaa

Joshua said...


thomascook said...

想問下tate個main hall而家有咩睇??
hyde park 今年個 summer pavilion又開左未呢?

Anonymous said...

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