the extra person

Stanisław Ignacy, Witkiewicz Tadeusz Langier, Janina & Wanda Illukiewicz (1912)
stanisław ignacy witkiewicz, tadeusz langier, janina & wanda illukiewicz 1912

"these three look like they should be a family of serial killers.
but really, the one on the left is a polish writer, painter, photographer, and philosopher,
the one in middle is a polish photographer, economist, and lawyer,
and i don’t know about the one on the right…
there are four names listed though and only three people in the photo so i don’t know what the hell is really going on." via tumblr

as far as i know, this photo was taken by polish playwright, photographer and philosopher stanisław ignacy witkiewicz
the one on the left is tadeusz langier- polish photographer, economist, lawyer
the one in middle is janina illukiewicz
the one on the right is wanda illukiewicz

misunderstanding inspires us, isn't it? • •

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